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I had a great experience at Ron's! Explained everything in detail, incredibly thorough and friendly and trustworthy!! Did not try to up sell me on anything or tell me a bunch of things were wrong that weren't. I highly recommend and I will definitely be going back. It's hard to find auto repair you trust, but I think I just did! Thanks, Ron!!

Jocelyn Martindale

Great service, Ron is my guy

Michael Osowski

Top notch

Johnathan Price

Very timely, professional and friendly.

Renee Vigue

Easy to make an appointment. Friendly staff and quick service. Fair pricing on repairs and oil changes. Highly recommend.

William Gilley

I've always been nervous of going to new car shops because I don't want to get ripped off, but this place has a great technician (Devon) who had every chance to upsell me things I didn't need, but took the time to sit down with me to go over all of my concerns about my vehicle. My car is 20 years old and I know it's not perfect, but he explained the quote that I requested in addition to the inspection, and it was a very reasonable price. Not only do I trust the judgement of this place, I'll now end up always going there for all of my needs and recommending them to my loved ones and co-workers. Great place. I would give more stars if I could.

Paul Brown

Always take my cars here.

Roland Ellis

Really great and fast service!

Marci Barnes

Friendly, fast and great communication. I will be back.

Kelley McCarthy

Customer Service was above and beyond!

Laura S.

Honest upfront

Paul Strebinger

Recommended by a friend. Got me in and out. It was a MAJOR repair, but they handled it well.

Roxanne Cardenas

Had a heater issue. Turned out something behind the switch was simply kinked. They got it unkinked and it didn't cost an arm and a leg. Happy with their service, and have recommended this place to others.

Duane McFarland

Great atmosphere and awesome mechanics. I would recommend Ron's to anyone around. Very reasonable prices also

Robn Trusty

Honest mechanics can be hard to find, but you can trust the people at Ron's. Quality work at a good price.

Jim Hodge

Great people, honest work. Absolutely recommend.

TJ Binder

Good people

Ron Smith

BEST turn around. They even towed me!!! Strongly and Highly Recommend Ron's...

Shelly Gambino

Love them! Best mechanics in town!

Destany Kyle

The first experience with Ron's was today , where they performed maintenance on my Volkswagen Jetta, and the price was appropriate and the service was excellent. The owner is a respectable man who urges you to come to the workshop again and again.

Babiker Taha

While in the area on a little getaway, our car broke down leaving us stranded. After calling most of the shops in the area with no good news, I dialed Ron's. His receptionist took down the details of what was wrong with the car to provide an estimate and I was told I would receive a call back.

Before I was off of the phone with the next shop, Ron himself called me for more info to get me an accurate price.

When he called back again, he informed me that after speaking with a Nissan dealership to request the parts, this repair was under a current recall and he assured me if I called Nissan, they would cover the repairs at no charge due to the recall. He was absolutely correct, and Nissan took care of us.

Although I didn't use Ron's services, I believe that the mark of a great mechanic is their honesty and integrity. Ron excels in both of these categories and if I were living local, he would have my business for life. Thanks again, Ron, you were great.

Cody Overocker

Excellent Speedy service and very friendly and cost-efficient I recommend you go to Ron before you take your vehicle to the dealership they are very caring and reliable

Silas Henderson