Get to Know Our Friendly Team

Ron Banicki, Owner

Ron got his start at the age of 14 pumping gas at a neighborhood service station in 1978. Hard work and perseverance taught him his automotive knowledge and customer service skills and gave him the confidence to open Ron's McKinley Marathon in 1997, which is now known as Ron's Grape Road Automotive. Ron is still the first face you'll see when we open, and the last face you'll see when we close. No matter what type of issue you have, Ron will do what it takes to either fix it himself or have one of his techs fix it for you. He is honest, hard-working and explains the problem and solution in a way that makes a person feel confident, as well as happy they brought their vehicle to Ron's. He considers himself a general practitioner of automotive repair but doesn't hesitate to refer his customers to a specialist if he can't fix the problem to his - and his customer's - satisfaction. He stands behind his diagnosis and/or repairs. He not only holds himself to a high standard, but expects his techs and employees to do the same.

Whether your vehicle needs a checkup or you need some automotive advice, come see Ron at Ron's Grape Road Automotive, or call 574-234-9565 for an appointment today.

Ron Singleton

Automotive Technician

Ron S. started his automotive career at the age of 15 when he blew the transmission in his dad's vehicle and had to fix it himself. Talk about hands-on training! He found that he actually had a knack for it, so he not only took a mechanics course in high school but continued working for automotive repair and specialty shops over the years. By working for other automotive repair businesses, Ron S. learned much of his repair knowledge, customer service skills and management abilities. He came to us here at Ron's Grape Road Automotive in 2020 through a recommendation by a friend of his. That recommendation has turned into a positive experience for Ron S., his fellow employees here at Ron's and the customers he serves.